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The Unconscious Bias in Resumes. You may be surprised!

Did you know there is a difference between how men and women tell their stories in their resumes?

On average, women's resumes are longer, with more narrative and less specific detail. In contrast, men's resumes are shorter, more bulleted, and with fewer personal attributes. Unfortunately, this puts women at a disadvantage.

Here are some interesting stats to consider:

- The average number of words on a resume: Men = 414. Women = 745.

- Describing previous jobs with bulleted lists: Men = 91%. Women = 36%.

- Including non-standard resume sections such as personal attributes: Men = 3%. Women = 36%.

Given that the average time a hiring manager spends looking at a resume is only 6 seconds, which resume do you think has the advantage?

Let's work towards creating a more equitable hiring process.

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