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3 Red Flags that are preventing you from getting that job. Don't believe everything you read.

Written by Jennifer Morozowich, Partner and Recruiter with Junction Collective.

An article popped up in my Google feed the other day and it really irked me.

It states there are 3 red flags recruiters look for in candidates. This recruiter calls BS.

Article states: Don't apply to a company over and over. If you haven't been hired yet, the company thinks there is something wrong with you.

My take: There are a million reasons why you may not have been hired by the company. Perhaps they've not seen your application. Perhaps your experience isn't exactly what they are looking for. There is NOTHING wrong with you. It's ok to keep applying to the same job however, the red flag is raised is when you apply to multiple jobs at the same company. The perception is the candidate lacks focus and doesn't care about the job they are applying for. They are throwing spaghetti at the wall and are hoping something sticks. When job searching, spend some time developing your job search strategy. It will save you a TON of time in the long run.

Article states: Don't use LinkedIn's open to work banner. It reduces your appearance of being a high calibre candidate.

My take: This one really bothers me. There is NO shame in having a green banner. From a Recruiter's perspective, if you have a green banner, you are likely interviewing at a few different places. We need to make sure there is transparency and open dialogue with our candidates about their options and be crystal clear about the opportunity.

Article states: Don't show up "wounded and hurt" on social media. Don't place your employment status on social media.

My take: I agree with the first half. Employers hire candidates who WANT to work with them. They don't want someone to take a job out of desperation. They feel you'll leave if "something better" comes along. Where I disagree is about not letting people know your employment status. LinkedIn is a fantastic community and for the most part, is incredibly supportive. Share your employment status! Let people know what you're looking for in your next role. By all means, make sure you are very clear in how you articulate it. Make it easy for your network to know how they can help you.

Rant over :)

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