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How to write an inclusive job description

Hiring managers, are you struggling to attract the right talent? Have you considered taking a closer look at your job descriptions? It's possible that unconscious bias may be affecting your hiring process.

To help, here are the 5 C's of an inclusive job description:

1. Current: Make sure your job description is up-to-date. I know cutting and pasting a JD from five years ago is fast and easy but the world has changed!

2. Clear: Avoid using industry jargon and make sure the language is readable to everyone. AKA. No rockstars, swiss army knives, unicorns, gurus or ninjas.

3. Competencies: Clearly outline the role requirements and necessary skills.

4. Culture: Give a perspective on your company values and what it's like to work there.

5. Compelling: Make it engaging and appealing to attract top talent.

If you need a hand with crafting a job description that checks all 5 C's, We are here to help.

Let's make sure your next hire is the perfect fit for your team.

Source: Textio

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