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Why Hire a Creative Recruiter?

At Junction Collective we work on a lot of creative searches.

Before working with us, we have often been asked by Creative Directors “Why do I need you? I can find my own people. I know what a good book looks like."

We have no doubt that you know what an amazing book looks like. However, there is more to a great creative hire than just their work.


We have open, transparent (and sometimes a little nosey) conversations with our clients to fully understand what makes them tick and who will work best with them. Each search is personal and targeted to find the best person or team to fit your needs. We know the veterans, the up-and-comers and everyone in between.

Our team has longstanding relationships in the creative space, and we bring that knowledge to every search. We find out what will motivate someone to move, to stay and what kind of work they love to do. We dig into the answers that you just won’t get on your own.

“Creatives may not be interested in the role, but we have the ability and trusting reputation to get them to take our calls, hear what the opportunity is and be open to a conversation”. - Amanda & Marcia

So, what are the things you need to consider when looking to hire amazing creative talent?


This is where we come in. We dig in and ask the tough questions.

Are you looking for a solo writer, art director, or designer, or do you need a team? Would you consider partnering people to make a team or do they need to have a history together? What level? What are you looking for in a portfolio? How important are awards? Will there be mentorship? Will you help them grow their portfolio? What are the leadership and growth opportunities?

Knowing how to match the right person/team with the right shop is everything. Some people prefer multi-nationals; some prefer the culture of boutique/independents. We always look for those who are hungry, growing and evolving.


We don’t pretend to be Creative Directors and are not recruiting based on what we personally think is “good” work (although we do think we have a pretty good idea of what qualifies as good work!).

Our job is to recruit for fit. Creative Directors can all spot a good book, and know who is winning awards, if that is important to them. We identify and match all those soft skills that you don’t necessarily see in a portfolio.

Note to Creatives:

Yes, your book is very important, but if it is not up to par, then let's talk about why.

  • As long as there’s nuggets of good thinking in there, we can help you present your work. There is no excuse for a poorly presented portfolio.

  • Only include the work you’re most proud of. If you don’t have enough, then hunt for opportunities to find more.

  • Remember everything on your site must be your work - don’t forget to credit others.

  • Provide insights, have a voice and share what makes you a creative human being.

  • Do not lock or password protect your site. You never know if the ECD of your dreams is stalking you!

If you are looking to hire your next great creative team get in touch!

This article first appeared on LinkedIn, March 2021.

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