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The hiring advice you need right now

We are all talking about the current hiring environment and what The Great Resignation means for both job seekers and employers. Our clients have been asking us for our perspective and advice for how to attract talent, what is happening in the market and how to put their best offer forward for candidates. We're sharing our best advice right here.

Get your hiring strategies in place: be thorough yet efficient and make sure that you are ready to make an offer when you find the right person. Multiple interviews aren’t always necessary.

Some other nuggets to consider:

  • Anticipate that hiring the right person will take longer than you think. Add at least a month onto your timeline.

  • Salaries are higher right now than they ever have been for the exact same role.

  • Flexibility, open mindedness and willingness to see candidates who might be outside of the original scope is essential.

  • Folks who are open to YOUR new opportunity are open to ALL new opportunities - they most certainly have multiple interviews and/or offers.

  • Be able to move quickly: optimize interviews, ask the right questions upfront. If this part of your process takes too long, you will certainly lose talent.

  • Move candidates through your process efficiently, and be able to get an offer in hand asap if this is the right person for your team. Don’t think that you need to have 3 - 4 rounds of interviews to understand their skill set. Make each interview count, ask good questions!

  • Have a return to office policy and be clear what your expectations are.

Guess how many candidates have requested to go back into an office full-time? Zero. Maybe less than zero. - Joanne Acri

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you find the right people for your organization during a challenging time to find them. We’d love to chat and put our team of recruitment pros to work for you.

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