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How Fractional Recruitment can help your company right now

Here’s a 2023 problem: you've posted a job opening - on a job board or your own website - resulting in hundreds (even thousands!) of applicants. You know there’s some great candidates in there but you don’t have the time or the resources to sort and screen them all. We can help.

Hire us as a fractional recruiter and you get access to our expertise without long-term commitments or fees. We will jump in right away and help sort through your incoming talent pipeline and applicants, screen and present the right people to fit any role. We customize a program to suit your needs and budget.

What does this look like? We manage current candidates, work with any ATS system, contact and screen candidates, review qualified and interested candidates, contract presentation, negotiation, references, and we will also schedule and manage all interviews with your team. We cover it all.

Our goal is to make the recruitment process as seamless and efficient as possible for you.

The fine print: It's important to note that fractional recruitment doesn't include candidate sourcing and headhunting. We can source amazing talent for you with our Full Service Recruitment option.

Fees for Fractional Recruitment are $150/hour, with a minimum of 10 hours to start. This is a cost-effective solution for you to get some extra help with recruitment and hiring candidates in the current market.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you get those jobs filled and get some great candidates on your team.

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