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Junction Collective featured in #OpportunityKnocks by RBC

Junction Collective was interviewed by the team at RBC to talk about building a business in 2020, hiring, furloughs, and the 'Big Resignation' in 2021. It's been a wild ride in recruitment and Joanne Acri shares some of how we did it.

The full article can be found here including some highlights:

Before launching their recruitment firm, the partners at Junction Collective had a vision to change the recruiting paradigm. They saw an opportunity to bring more transparency, clarity and collaboration to the hiring experience for their clients and candidates alike. As soon as they opened their doors in March 2020, however, hiring came to a screeching halt due to the onset of the pandemic. Instead of closing up shop, the partners found ways to stay true to their original vision by nurturing relationships and doing some good while biding their time until the tide turned.

Get in touch with us at Junction Collective to talk about what it takes in this hiring market to find the best people for your team. We'd love to chat!

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