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Job seekers, hiring managers: Buckle up, hiring is on a wild ride!

We have compiled some of our most current advice to job seekers and hiring managers who are weathering today's hiring trends. The landscape is changing constantly and it is imperative to stay on top of what is happening in the market to position yourself (job seeker) to potential employers/recruiters AND to position your company (hiring managers) in the most favourable light to attract the best hires.

Job seekers, it's YOUR time. Hiring Managers, it's time to get strategic.

As recruiters, we have some great insight into the job market. Here are just a few of our observations from the front line for all those building teams right now:

Competition is fierce. Candidates are receiving multiple job offers in short order. If someone is speaking with you, they are also talking to other companies. Your employer brand is so important right now for you to make sure you’re attracting the best talent. Companies are paying top dollar for top talent. Salaries are climbing upward.

Time is of the essence. If the interview process is drawn out, chances are your candidate will accept another offer. More than 3 separate interviews? Too many.

Make sure each interview is thoughtful, ask the most important questions and get the answers you’re looking for in the shortest amount of time. Multiple interviews is not better - ask the right questions first.

Remote expectations. EVERY, yes, EVERY candidate has expectations of a flexible work environment post-pandemic. If you expect someone to be in the office 5x a week, you will have a difficult time filling your position.

Job Seekers Look No Further

If you are a job seeker, get smart with your LinkedIn profile. Here are some tips to make sure you get noticed:

Accept all InMails from recruiters, even if you're not interested in the opportunity. If you're connected, you will be on our radar for future opportunities.

Truth: Recruiters PAY for InMails and they do run out. Every time you accept one, we get our credit back and we are REALLY thankful for that.

Making your profile “open” will result in more messages (maybe too many?) but will also give you better choices of opportunities. It will also make it easier for hiring managers to get in touch with you. Here’s how to do this right from our friends at LinkedIN.

Pro tip: Put your email address IN your about section. Yes, just write it in there and we will contact you via email.

If you don’t want to put it in the About section, make sure your contact information is up to date.

Update your entire profile and ensure it's up to date. Check out our blog post about making sure you’ve got a great profile and how to get found on LinkedIn.

This article started as a series of LinkedIn posts written by Jennifer Morozovich. Get in touch with us to talk about how to build an amazing team and get us working for you. And be sure to stay connected with all of us at Junction Collective.

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