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Attract and hire employees in a tight labour market

The team at RBC recently spoke with our team about hiring in a very tight labour market. It's taking longer to fill roles than ever before and candidates are setting the course.

Some highlights:

  1. Offer flexible work arrangements: not one single person has said "I would like to go back to the office full-time". You need to be open about your policies and what return to the office looks like.

  2. Offer competitive pay and perks: this could be salary, wellness programs, savings programs and flexibility.

  3. Connect with untapped talent pools: Find different kinds of talent by "broadening [your] reach to candidates of all backgrounds and connecting with new types of educational programs".

  4. Resumes on file: We don't just say that, we really look at everyone we've talked to and review what has changed and whether they are looking for a move.

Most of all, adjust expectations in hiring right now. It is taking longer to find and connect with the right candidates while salaries and flexibility are at the top of the list of all questions.

Get in touch with our team anytime to talk about hiring, the market and how to fill your next role!

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