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If you need short-term, dedicated recruitment help then get in touch and bring our team in for a set term or project. This is a service that is completely customizable to your needs.

We support your team by working on multiple searches at once during a fixed term or at any part of the hiring pipeline that you need help with. We will screen candidates, manage your hiring pipeline or cover leaves of any duration of time. 

You can leverage our recruiting expertise on a per-project basis, via monthly retainer, or at an hourly rate.

Services include: 

  • Candidate identification

  • Candidate contact and initial screening

  • Review of qualified and interested candidates

  • Assistance with contract presentation and hiring approvals

  • Cultivate candidate engagement

  • Recruitment analytics support

  • Candidate references

Fees start at $150/hour ​with a minimum of 10 hours to start.

We will customize a program to suit your needs and budget.

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