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Get access to the expertise of a professional recruiter without long-term commitment or fees. This allows you to focus on your business and save time and money on recruitment. 


With Fractional Recruiting, our team will help sort through your incoming talent pipeline and applicants, screen and present the right people to fit any role. 


How it works:

A recruiter will manage hiring for any role via monthly retainer or at an hourly rate. We can customize a program to suit your needs and budget. 

Services include: 

  • Pipeline candidate management 

  • Management of any ATS system

  • Candidate contact and initial screening

  • Review of qualified and interested candidates

  • Assistance with contract presentation 

  • Candidate references

  • Scheduling and managing interviews

​What’s not included:

  • Candidate sourcing and headhunting is not included


Fees begin at $150/hour ​with a minimum of 10 hours to start.

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