We are a collective of senior recruitment professionals with real industry experience in marketing, advertising, communications, and production. Having been both a client and a candidate, we understand your needs and what a great fit means. 

We are simplifying the recruitment process with our refreshingly honest and no-nonsense approach. We work hard, but at the same time, we never take ourselves too seriously.

Junction Collective is a female-owned and operated organization.

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Simplicity, Transparency and Consistency in Recruitment

We are your hiring partners who take the time to understand your needs, the culture of your business, and will find the best candidates for your organization. We bring perspective, valuable advice, and help your organization hire the best people. 

Our process is simple and transparent. We provide the highest quality candidates in the most efficient manner, and include all steps in the hiring process; from candidate identification to contract negotiation. No shortcuts. No gimmicks. 


Understanding your hiring needs


Upfront terms and open communication


Exceptional service and consistent pricing





Joanne jumped out of a career in marketing into recruiting and has never looked back. She helps companies find the best people, builds high performing teams and has an incredible understanding of the job market. She is a geography nerd, Beastie Boys fan and sports enthusiast all at the same time.



After 15+ years as a senior sales exec in advertising and production, Amanda pivoted to executive recruitment to help build careers and companies. Her tireless energy is contagious, so don’t be surprised when you find yourself joining her 5AM workouts.


Jennifer is not only a recruiter, she is a coach, advisor and, a strategic consultant. She is the industry expert who has walked in your shoes both as a hiring manager and job seeker. Jennifer has never lost a round of Name That Tune and would stop traffic to get a cupcake from Bunner's Bakery.



With over two decades of advertising and marketing experience, Marcia has the ability to understand unique industry nuances and quickly identify the perfect talent fit. With a sharp, sarcastic wit, Marcia enjoys nothing more than time riding horses, watching polo and a tasty gin cocktail.

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